Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My brother "Wyatt", the guide dog~~

Hey everyone!  This is my brother Wyatt!  He is a guide dog from Guide Dogs of America. My momma's friend Peggy, is who he guides for here in Southern California. They are a great team. 

Momma says it's fascinating to watch him work, like today in downtown Pasadena, avoiding cars, crossing streets, fitting in tight spaces like at the Pie and Burger joint, navigating elevators one floor at a time until he could figure out the right floor, and so many other situations that we as sighted people take for granted. 

Guide Dogs of America provides guide dogs free of charge to the visually impaired and blind, without the help of any state or federal funding. 

Let's give a great big hooray for GDA and Wyatt for giving Peggy the ability to live an independent and safe life. 

By the way, we both cross our paws like this!!


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