Thursday, September 3, 2015

How I really like to get in the pool~~

Hello!!! Stryker and I are checking out the pool in an odd way.  It turns out that we really do like the pool this way, upside down and without water. Weird huh, for water dogs? Momma decided to drain the water out of the pool, and she flipped it upside down to dry.  No sooner did she walk away, Stryker and I pounced on the thing! We crushed it like we were stomping grapes or something.  My little brother Georgie didn't know what to think.  He just looked at us, thinking "You guys are crazy".  Stryker and I immediately sunk our bellies to the bottom of the pool, and took a nap!

Well, it turns out that we poked a hole in the upside down pool and momma had to throw it out!  We were sad, but we sure had fun while it lasted. Just as well, Autumn is upon us and we are starting to see cooler days, not that I swam in this pool or anything. At most, I bobbed for bones.

Here is a video (before we destroyed the pool) of my brother Stryker saving the bones from the pool.  My brother Georgie is trying to help him.  Notice that Stryker checks the other bones that have already been saved, just to make sure they are okay.

Video of Stryker saving bones 

I really do like to swim, and am quite good at it. I am one happy pooch in a real pool or lake.  You can't get me out.  One time, Momma caught me in the lake all by myself.  The gardener left the gate open.  I was way out there, enjoying the big ole lake to myself, just my yellow head bobbin' away, with my dogpaddling generating a slight wake behind me.  Ahhhh, that was a fun day.  I wonder when I will be able to do that again!