Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obedience Week Two, Brian's Turn

It's Brian's turn to take the leash! I can get away with things when Brian is at the reigns. He doesn't get to spend as much time with me like Tina does, so I really take advantage of Brian. But this is not a good idea, not a good idea at all, especially when in front of Ramona. She knows my antics and moves right in to correct me. Ramona helped Brian a bunch today with me. I acted up a bit, but I got over it. Here's a picture of me with my group. Notice how Sydney , Palmer, Garth, and Yogi are in a perfect big boy sit, except for me? "There's an awful lot of movement going on there. What's going on with Winter?", says Ramona. Ughh. Brian's face turned red. I better behave. Here she comes!

We then warmed up a bit. Brian and I led the pack, and I gave him a bit of a hard time, but Ramona coaxed us along. Along with bouncing tennis balls and squeaky toys to distract us. I finally settled down. We then lined up and went to a down stay, and Romona walked all around us trying to distract us. We looked at her, but we didn't get up. I figured, no other dogs were getting up, so I'm not either. We are trying to work up to staying down for 4 minutes. We all stayed!

I was really surprised when Brian took ahold of me for obedience today, but I'm glad he did. I need to spend more time with him. Until next Tuesday!

Round and Round and Round I Go!

Today was one of those days where we really didn't have anything planned. My Auntie Michelle came over and we went to Sport Chalet and South Coast Plaza, oh yeah!

First, we went to Sport Chalet because my jacket needs an extension. I'm a hefty 40 pounds now and my baby jacket is tight. When we walked in, we realized that the item I was in need of, was on the second floor. There it was right in front of us, the Escalator! Hmmmm, rethink,,,,,,,find elevator. I'm not trained to go on an escalator yet, or an elevator for that matter. We found the elevator, ding , the door opened, and then shut!

We just sat there for a minute before the button was pressed, a minute too long, because , magically a completely different door opened up behind me and a man walked into our elevator. I was a good boy, and stayed down. The man pressed a button, and then the floor moved up into my belly. We arrived on the second floor and out we went to find my jacket extension strap. Yay, success, they had one. Back to the elevator, and down we went to checkout, and then off to the Plaza.

We arrived inside South Coast Plaza, and came around the corner,, what I saw before my eyes was complete joy, a Merry Go Round.

Here I am, first in line for the Merry Go Round:

It had music and horses and lights, and colors and kids, oh boy! I got right on and sat with my Raiser, while Auntie kept another horse company.

The Merry Go Round started, and round and round and round we went. The wind in my face felt great. The lights were so fun to look at. The music was blazing. Some horses stood still, while others went up and down. I had a horses hind hooves just inches from me, but I never touched them!

I really enjoyed the motion and put my head down and just let it ride. What a great ride. I'm coming back again sometime.

Here's a picture of me with my Auntie at the fountain. That fountain is big enough for me to swim in:

After my fun ride, we all went to The Rainforest Cafe. I was so tired, I just slept! When we left, I stopped by the water tank bar and took this picture.

I like the mall! We should go there more. It's air conditioned!