Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Leave it.

(heart shaped peanut butter treats)

OK, fine, I'll just chew on my toy then. (Good Boy)

Winter and the Italian

When NASCAR was in town, my dad took my mom and I along with him on a very important dinner with our friend Richard and race car driver Max Papis. Max is Italian, so we went to an Italian Restaurant in Newport Beach on Lido Isle. I had to be on my best behavior, and table-up! I did, no problem, it was past my bedtime. Afterwards, my mom and Max talked about each other's charities. He was going to Children's Hospital in Long Beach the next day. I hope I get to meet Max again someday to tell him more about where I came from and what I was born to do, be a Guide Dog! He's a really nice man, and a great race car driver. GO MAX!

Winter and the Hollywood Bowl

MY FIRST CONCERT! It all started about a month ago, when mommy Tina joined the Jason Mraz fan club on Facebook. Jason's fan club had a pre-sale, and 10 minutes after they went on sale, all of the tickets were sold! Tina happened to get two tickets, but..........they were not together. How can I go to Jason Mraz, my first concert and not sit with both puppy raisers? One ticket was in Garden seating and the other ticket was in the Terrace. Dad was worried, mom was not. A dilemma indeed.

The day before the concert, Tina called the Hollywood Bowl and introduced me as "Winter" a Guide Dog Puppy In Training. She asked if there was an area that we could be moved to that would have a little bit more room for me to dance! They were tickled pink, and happy to accommodate......just look at the face I gave them! So, we traded in our tickets for two seats next to each other and away we went.

The gates were not open yet, so we decided to go to the Hollywood Bowl Museum, located on the grounds and free to the public. You can learn about the history of the Hollywood Bowl, and about the artists that have performed there. They also have larger than life musical instruments to experiment with. Here is a picture of me conducting with Esa Pekka Salonen=)

After the museum, my dad Brian took us around to the super secret back entrance that is open to the public, but the public doesn't know! Hence, we were the first in line to get in, and when the gates opened we immediately bee-lined it for the restaurant. (Speaking of bees,,,,I'm okay after my bee sting. Nothing that a weeks worth of Benedryl can't handle!) After enjoying a wonderful "table-up" with my puppy raisers, we headed for our seats. WHAT A SURPRISE! FRONT ROW RISER, STAGE RIGHT! It was not even traditional seating. It was more like, my own yard, but shared with six 12 year old girls, and it was their first concert too! Here is my view!

I had such a great time, and I can't wait for another concert! It was a long night, and I really tried to stay awake, but with two opening acts, Brett Dennen and G Love and Special Sauce,,,, and then when I had to "get busy", it was a really long walk out of the gate and then back in,,,,well I conked out.

Until next blog friends......I have a "table-up" date with a famous race car driver!