Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Movin' On Up!

I'm movin' on up,,,,,, to a bigger crate. I'm growing so fast, I needed a new pad.... so you know what that means...... I got to go shopping! We went to Petco, and tried out all of the different size crates, hard and soft crates. My mom and dad said that I can stay in this pad as long as I don't get heavier than 70 pounds. Right now, I weigh about 35 pounds, so I have a bunch of room to grow. I really like all of the room I have now. I ended up getting two crates, one soft and one hard. The soft crate is for traveling, and the hard crate is so huge that it has to stay at home. The people at Petco were super sweet, and gave my puppy raisers 10% off because I belong to Guide Dogs of America. They are great supporters.

Speaking of growing, I hardly fit on the front passenger floor board anymore. I wonder when I get to move to the back seats? I really like it up front though, because the air conditioner is right there. I fall right to sleep every time we go for a ride. It's the best! So, when I move to the back seats, it's going to be a bit different.

I wanted to remind my littermates, and any other PIT's that are on the same schedule, that tomorrow is the 1st of the month. That means we get a pill. I never know that I'm getting it, because my mom sneaks it in my morning meal. I'm such a food hound!

And....my dad is off to Daytona tomorrow to go work with NASCAR. That means I get to go to the airport again! I'm hoping to get a picture with those men that have shiny badges. I see them every time I go, and they smile at me. But, they are always telling other people to move it! I've been to the airport so many times since going to live with my puppy raisers.......10 times already! I'm just waiting for my bladder to get bigger, so I can actually go in the terminal and on a plane. I wonder where my first plane ride will take me?

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Mom Finally Got Tagged

Well, first I wanted to tell you that my dad came home yesterday! I got to go to the airport, but not actually in the airport. One day, when my bladder is bigger I'm going on an airplane ride with him. But for now, I just get to go to the curb

And now for the news of the day: My Mom Finally Got Tagged! I was wondering how come she wasn't wearing her Name Tag at the meetings, like everyone else does. I wear my tags all of the time, day and night! Now I know,,,,, she had to wait to get it in the mail. Her tag matches my yellow jacket! For some reason, she only wears one, and I have to wear 4, one for my address, one for GDA, one for my chip, and one that says I'm a service dog puppy.

I'm so glad that she has her Name Tag now, in case she gets lost, people know she belongs to "Winter"!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet My Puppy Raisers

These are my "Puppy Raisers" Tina and Brian. This is their first time raising a puppy for Guide Dogs of America. They have waited a long time to be able to raise me, and I'm so glad that I get to live with them for awhile. My mom Tina works at home, and my dad Brian travels for work. Together they own a television production company, and oh boy, do they have a lot of footage of me, I mean a lot. My dad is a television director, and loves to put me on camera. I'm so lucky my mom is home all of the time, because she gives me lots of attention. But, I sure do miss my dad. The last time I saw him, we were in Napa. I hope he comes home soon.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Wonder what I'm going to do today?

Now that I'm home from Napa, I am so excited to get back to my routine. I know today is Friday, which is trash day, which means I get to sit and watch the trash trucks come by. "Ahhhh, patience young grasshopper!" But first I have to help my mom get all the trash out.

I'm glad we got that out of the way, because my mom had a really big surprise for me. I didn't know it at first, as I was loaded in to the truck and back in the Airstream again. But this time, my mom had a special guest for me. WALLY! And that wasn't even the real surprise. We were headed to the beach, the first time for me! Yippeeeee. A playmate and the beach, all in the same day. I had such a great time. Note to self: don't eat sand next time :/

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today is the first day I get to tell you what I have been up to. My mom has been so busy getting used to me that she just now found the time to start typing for me! I have been living with my puppy raisers Brian and Tina for a little over two months now. I have been learning all kinds of commands, like sit, stand, down, heel, come and wait! I really like wait, because that’s what Mommy Tina says to me right before I get food!

Up until now, I haven’t been able to go everywhere because I didn’t have my rabies shot, but now I do. I’m four months old now, and I can travel. So my Mom and Dad have decided to introduce me to trailer life, Airstreaming really!

For the last two months, my days have consisted of daily walks through the neighborhood and to the bus stop with my cute neighbor Christina, the grocery store, the bank, the post office..........until last week when I was loaded in to the truck and off to Napa I went, with the Aisrtstream in tow. You see, my Dad was working there and my Auntie lives there, so off to Skyline Park we went. Skyline Park is a really nice County Park in Napa that has RV hook-ups! We spent five wonderful days in Napa. My family likes to walk a lot. So do I!

One day in Napa, my Mom took me for a walk in Skyline Park to the horse camp. I saw my first horses, and boy are they big. They were all on a leash at their camp, just like me. They looked like they were having fun eating hay. I try to eat the grass, but my Mom usually discourages me.