Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First Group Outing

Last Saturday, I was finally able to join other Puppies in Training from our Orange County group. In attendance were Dexter, Darla, Kip, Luca, Palmer, and myself, along with our Raisers and Puppy Sitters (Barbara, Chuck, Pat, Arica, Mark, Tammy, Tina, Brian, and Colby. We all met at Downtown Disney in the 97 degree heat and made our way to the jungle, The Rainforest Cafe!

But before I tell you all about our outing, first I wanted to tell you that while waiting for the other pups to arrive, I saw Cinderella's Carriage. Her beautiful shiny carriage was horse driven. The horse was shimmering white and very tall. I got to stand just a few feet from him for a long time. He was so tall, and I was so intrigued by his stature that I never moved a muscle. Luca and Kip showed up with Raisers Barbara and Pat, and they tried to get closer but Cinderella's Carriage driver said that was close enough!




As we made our way through the sea of people to the Rainforest Cafe, we came upon a really adorable little girl. She loved us! We all received a tender touch from her. I actually gave her a kiss! Isn't she cute!

Here are some pictures of us making our way up to the second floor seating.

For those of you have have never heard of Rainforest Cafe, it's an animated themed restaurant, with thunder lightning, gorillas, elephants, giant butterflies and dragonflies, monkeys, and fish tanks, and so much more. Every few minutes, a lightning and thunderstorm appears and the animals come to life. All of the pups did really well. I was so tired, I just stayed on my side, and the only thing that moved were my eyeballs! The other pups, who are older were more curious and would sit up, look and listen, and then lay back down.

After we left the Rainforest Cafe, Luca, Darla, and Kip had to go, but Palmer, Dexter, and I stayed and walked on over to the theater. Our Raisers wanted a chance to listen to a movie that had listening devices for the blind. These are headsets that narrate great detail of the movie as it plays. Unfortunately, they did not get to experience this as the system was down. We saw the movie anyway! The movie we chose was "Public Enemy". We sat all the way at the top. The top seats seem to have more room for us to sit at our Raiser's feet.




This movie was really really loud and full of shoot em up, bang bang scenes. Perfect for trying to annoy us or get our attention. It didn't work. The only noise you heard from us was snoring, and an occasional jingle of our leash. Dexter snored a little louder than me. Palmer was exceptionally well behaved. He had not had dinner yet and it was 10 o'clock by now. He was a trooper!

This was such a great day. We incorporated what we learned at our last meeting about heat. Our Raisers always need to have water on hand to keep us hydrated. We walk in the shade as much as we can. Our Raisers touch the pavement with the backs of their hands to see if they can keep it there. If they move their hand, then it's too hot for our precious paws.

I think I did really well for my first outing with the group. and I can't wait until our next one!

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