Friday, July 17, 2009

July Jaunts

I's been way too long since I've given you an update on my life as a Guide Dog Puppy in Training. Well, let's see.....I've been really busy traveling around in the Airstream. Here are some pictures of me being patient while my puppy raisers load the Airstream. I'm not that patient if I'm in the house watching them load up, so they put me on a tie down in the Airstream, and I'm just fine with that!

We traveled north to Castaic, right by Guide Dogs of America, and stayed at Valencia Travel Center with our friends the Wilson's. Mom and Dad tried to name me Wilson, but that name was already taken by a previous litter. I like the name Winter, but wow it was hot in Castaic in the Summer. That was my first time dealing with heat over 75 degrees. It was 97 degrees during the day, so I had to learn to be in a confined space for long periods of time during the day so I didn't get too hot. It's a good thing I'm learning this, because in one month I have to go stay in the kennel at GDA. Oh my goodness, in the middle of August, it will really be hot. Don't worry,,,, the kennels are air conditioned, and my litter mates will be there too.

We had such a good time in Castaic. I went for walks in the morning and at night, and met all of the campers in the circle. I even met some people from Sylmar! They knew right where Guide Dogs of America was. They were really nice people.

Here are some pictures of the campground:

And here are some pictures of me cooling off at the campground. My mom noticed that I retrieved all of my toys from the pool and lined them up one by one on the grass. I learned that I had to blow bubbles when I sunk my nose in the water. I'm good at that now. It didn't take me long to learn that!

Here I am in front of Old Glory. I'm so proud. And, here is my friend Mr. Wilson.

Along one of my walks, we came upon the big red brick building, and I couldn't help but notice this funny looking thing on the wall. Apparently, this is becoming a thing of the past. It was a public telephone at one time that had a phonebook. I swear, I could still smell the faint odor of a phonebook!

All in all, my first bout with hot Summer weather was really a bunch of fun. I met so many new people and learned how to be more patient. My Mom and Dad really like to Airstream, and in my next post I will tell you about our next trip, where I spent the whole day at the beach with my friends, the Watson's. That's another name that my puppy raisers wanted to name me, but was taken. I was born to be a "W" =)

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  1. I was there! Had such a great time with you lil guy! That picture of Don is great by the way!