Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winter and the bee

Last night at obedience class I was doing so good. Ramona had us on a downstay, and I was watching the ants go by in the crack, and then this bigger bug came by, so I sniffed it! Bad idea. I got stung by a bee! I flicked him off of my lip really quick. My puppy raiser saw the bee and immediately announced that I had been stung. All of the puppy raisers ran to their cars to search for Benadryl, luckily Dutch's raiser had some in her car. Within 10 minutes my whole lip swelled up, so that means I'm allergic! I have to tell GDA what happened so they know that I am allergic for future handlers. AND I have to keep Benadryl in my "Go Bag" all of the time now. The swelling could have kept going, but it stopped and was kept localized, so that's good, but had it gone any further than just the localized area we would have gone to the emergency, as this situation can turn quickly into a breathing problem. It's good we have bee's. We need them, but not on my body!

Note: Puppy Raisers: check with your vet as to the proper dosage for your dog's weight, and be sure to report any allergic reaction from any kind of sting.


  1. Hehe Winter's lip looked like mine after I tried to drink a bee! And yes a week a Benadryl does the trick.