Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obedience Week Two, Brian's Turn

It's Brian's turn to take the leash! I can get away with things when Brian is at the reigns. He doesn't get to spend as much time with me like Tina does, so I really take advantage of Brian. But this is not a good idea, not a good idea at all, especially when in front of Ramona. She knows my antics and moves right in to correct me. Ramona helped Brian a bunch today with me. I acted up a bit, but I got over it. Here's a picture of me with my group. Notice how Sydney , Palmer, Garth, and Yogi are in a perfect big boy sit, except for me? "There's an awful lot of movement going on there. What's going on with Winter?", says Ramona. Ughh. Brian's face turned red. I better behave. Here she comes!

We then warmed up a bit. Brian and I led the pack, and I gave him a bit of a hard time, but Ramona coaxed us along. Along with bouncing tennis balls and squeaky toys to distract us. I finally settled down. We then lined up and went to a down stay, and Romona walked all around us trying to distract us. We looked at her, but we didn't get up. I figured, no other dogs were getting up, so I'm not either. We are trying to work up to staying down for 4 minutes. We all stayed!

I was really surprised when Brian took ahold of me for obedience today, but I'm glad he did. I need to spend more time with him. Until next Tuesday!

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